Bringing bikeCUNY to City Tech

May means two things to me: National Bike Month and final exams. This year, National Bike to Work Week fell on the same week that finals began at CUNY. I took this opportunity to set up a bike/bikeCUNY table on my campus (City Tech) during club hours: Thursday, May 17, between 12:45 and 2:15 PM.

I couldn’t man the table (I was teaching a class from 1 to 2:30 PM) so I just put up a “Take one (of each)!” sign and let the masses have at it. The photo you see here was taken about 30 minutes after I initially brought the table outside the library doors. As you can see, it looked pretty empty even then! (There was a heap of buttons in front of the “take one” sign. In the photo, only two are visible. Everyone loves a button!)

This is what I had available for students to take away:

All that was left when I brought the table in at 5 PM was one lonely map. So while I’m sorry I couldn’t be present to give the things away and spread the bike love, I’m very glad that students were interested and felt free to grab up the bike-related goodies.

I was hoping I’d have some buttons left for tonight’s event but no such luck. If I have time, I’ll press more buttons this afternoon to give away to those who attend the Social Hour!


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