Welcome! (And a call for participants…)

With the creation of a shiny new logo (thanks to the very generous folks over at Makewell!), I think I’m ready to start this blog.*  I envision this space being the home to news, information about events, rants about the state of cycling in NYC/CUNY, tips for riding safely in NYC, and efforts of advocating for cyclists’ rights in CUNY.  Anything bike- and CUNY-related, really.

One idea I have is to profile cyclists at various campuses.  It would be in the style of the Why I Ride series (from Streetsblog and photographer Dmitry Gudkov) but local to CUNY.  I want to show that people who choose to commute to their classes/jobs at CUNY are not criminals or deviants—they are everyday folks who ride because of convenience, health benefits, and many other reasons.  This would also be my way of finding out what CUNY employees and students would like to see on their campuses that would make their commutes better and/or encourage others to take their bikes to class/work:

I would be enlisting the help of a photographer who will take the photo(s) that will along with the interview.  Since we’re both located in Brooklyn, I’d like to start there.   If you work/study at Brooklyn College, City Tech, Medgar Evers, or Kingsborough and would be interested in participating, leave a comment here, reply to @bikecuny, or email bikecuny@gmail.com with your days of availability!  (Weekends are best.)  We’ll work out the details and go from there.

This sounds silly but I will interview myself first (so everyone can get a sense of how this will work).  Expect that post to be up in a few weeks—maybe even next weekend, depending on the weather.

Until then, ride safely!  And do let me know if you have any ideas for this blog.

*Posting is open to all bikeCUNY group members so everyone is free to contribute.  Comments are open to the public so anyone not on the Commons or in the group can still have a chance to contribute to the discussion.

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