In case of emergency

Just in time for National Bike Month, the bicycle advocacy law firm Flanzig & Flanzig* has released a free(!) mobile app, Bike Crash Kit, available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Screenshot of Bike Crash Kit app (on Android)Its features include:

  1. utilities such as camera, voice recorder, text notepad and drawing pad to properly document vehicle and bike positions, street defects, or other causes of the crash;
  2. automatic GPS location with the touch of a button to record your current location information, such street names, city, state, and country;
  3. easy mailing to send collected information to the Flanzig & Flanzig firm through a single email report;
  4. emergency button to call 911, selected contact person, or the Flanzig & Flanzig office;
  5. locate a hospital;
  6. locate a bike shop;
  7. locate a taxi or car service;
  8. FAQ that contains important information for cyclists to know both before and after a car crash; and
  9. “About Our Firm” to briefly introduce cyclists to the Flanzig & Flanzig firm with location details and a link to their website.

While the hope is that you’ll never be in a crash, the reality is that you need to be prepared for the worst. This app will help you record all the information you need to make sure you gather all the necessary and critical data after a crash.

For a more in-depth overview, check out the announcement on Ride the City.

* ETA (1:12 PM): Just got an email from one half of the law firm, Daniel Flanzig, to tell me that he is a product of CUNY! He got his law degree at the CUNY School of Law. Go, CUNY!


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